A career plays an important role in developing someone’s skills and knowledge. However, it also depends on ourselves, whether we are open to new ideas and experiences or not. One of some traits that will drive us to be a lifelong learner is flexibility. In workfield, this trait includes our ability to respond to the circumstances readily.


To Saifuddinul Haq, our Head of Business Intelligence Unit, being flexible is also worth a lot. This man, who is usually called Ifu, was responsible for managing the Sales Support team. His daily tasks were arranging the sales administration system, sales operational guidance, and also other things related to data management. In order to make sure the things went smoothly, he had to use various ways, including working with the other departments, such as IT, Finance, and Operations.


Joining for over a year in Cashlez, Ifu realizes that this financial payment gateway company provides encourages the team’s flexibility. This allows us to explore new skills and value the importance of teamwork. So, it is true that being flexible doesn’t only benefit us, but also our surroundings. It enables us to adapt quickly when interacting with both our colleagues and customers. Another plus point of team working is that we can achieve a more satisfying cooperation as we appreciate every insight from each other.


In fact, the more flexible we are, the more tasks we can accomplish. But, we should not misinterpret this trait by doing any random task. Before we decide to get involved on anything, we should make sure that it is necessary to our team and projects. So, having schedule and to do lists is important to help us reach our goals and priorities. But sometimes, we also have to face some conditions that challenge us to adjust our needs and also our style to handle the task.

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