Regular exercise is indeed an effective way to maintain a healthy body. However, building a habit to consistently exercise in the midst of a hectic daily routine is not easy. Sometimes, we can feel less motivated to exercise because we feel bored or pessimistic.


So, what can we do to keep us motivated to exercise fitness? The method is very practical, namely exercising at the FTL Gym! This gym is not only focused on helping us to stay healthy and have an ideal body, but also provides motivation and improves the mood of each member through various facilities and classes. Come on, find out the excitement of exercising at FTL Gym through the following review!

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Support you to promote a healthy lifestyle


Founded in 2020, FTL Gym offers its members a variety of options for exercising so you won’t get bored easily. There are exercises you can do, from Cardio, Weight Lifting, Flexibility Training, to Calisthenics. In addition, FTL Gym also regularly holds various classes, such as Basic Yoga, Weight Loss Yoga, Zumba, K-pop Dance, and Hip Hop Dance.


You also shouldn’t miss the opportunity to exercise at the FTL Gym because since September 2022, this fitness center has collaborated with LesMills, which is a well-known fitness class program in the world. LesMills programs are scientifically tested to burn calories effectively combined with great music and choreography. The types of LesMills programs that you can participate in at FTL Gym are Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance, and RPM.


Meanwhile, if you don’t have experience using tools such as a pet deck machine, squat rack, or smith machine, you don’t need to worry because the trainers at FTL are certified and will help you train effectively.

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Comfortable and affordable gym

During this time, not a few people think that exercising in the gym is only for certain people. You see, it takes a fairly high fee to register for membership at a fitness club. As a result, they decided not to join because they didn’t want to spend too much. Interestingly, FTL Gym focuses on reaching everyone because this fitness club provides a variety of affordable membership package options.

In addition to pocket-friendly prices, you can also get attractive promos from each package you choose. And last but not least, FTL also prioritizes cleanliness and comfort in their gym. The calm atmosphere and complete sports equipment at FTL Gym will support you to consistently maintain your fitness.


Easy registration, various package options available


If you are interested in joining as a member of the FTL Gym, then you can directly come to the nearest practice site from home or work. The FTL team will provide a free trial session so that you can first experience the excitement of exercising together with the coaches and other members. After that, you can choose various membership packages with attractive bundling.

As a gym that prioritizes the comfort of its members, FTL Gym has also implemented digitization in their system, ranging from information on class schedules to cashless payment services. To provide various cashless payment options, FTL Gym, which is a Bank OCBC merchant, collaborates with Cashlez to provide digital payment solutions. So, customers no longer need to bother providing cash.

Many think that the purpose of training at the fitness center is to get body goals. However, instead of just focusing on goals and exercising out of necessity, FTL Gym will actually instill a mindset in its members to love themselves and exercise with a happy mind. So what are you waiting for? Start your healthy steps as a member of FTL Gym and get interesting promos!

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