When the Covid-19 pandemic first emerged last year, the hotel industry was one of the industries most affected. Reporting from medan.tribunnews.com, until now, the hotel occupancy rate is still in the range of 30% of the total number of rooms. Meanwhile, ahead of Eid Mubarak in mid-May, the government has also imposed a ban on going home.


So, does this make the hope of restoring the hospitality business even less? Of course not! There is a strategy that is very appropriate for hotel and innkeepers to keep providing the best service, namely through the staycation trend. Come on, find out why the hotel industry is obliged to present a staycation and tips for doing so!


What is a staycation?

As the name implies, a staycation is a combination of the words stay and vacation which refers to a vacation by staying or staying in a place. In addition, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a staycation refers to holidays that are undertaken at home or near home without leaving or traveling elsewhere. The vacation trend itself has only become popular in Indonesia in recent years. There are several interesting things that can be done during a staycation, for example, such as cycling, recreation in the park, staying at a hotel or villa, and going to the beach around the area where we live.


Why do hoteliers need to provide staycation packages?

Even though this year’s Eid al-Fitr Indonesians are still asked not to go home, this does not mean that hotel businesses and other accommodation service providers can only bite their fingers. You see, we can use this moment to attract the attention of tourists around our area through a staycation package. So, what are the benefits of providing a staycation?


1. Great chance to refresh mind and body

Going on a routine can certainly make our customers bored. Moreover, so far their mobility has been limited because they have been advised to stay at home. So, on the Eid holiday which will come in a few weeks, staycations can be an alternative for them to refresh outside the home without violating the implementation of health protocols.


2. Support local businesses

Maintaining a business in the midst of a pandemic is not an easy matter, especially for local business people whose businesses have been impacted by #SocialDistancing. Now, through the presence of a staycation, we can help souvenir or food sellers around our lodging to get back to their business. Isn’t it interesting?


3. Prices are more competitive

Usually when going on vacation, tourists must get ready to travel between cities, between islands, or even between countries. This of course requires an additional budget. However, through staycation offers, they can go on vacation while saving their budget.


4. Current holiday trends

Do you know? Reporting from dream.co.id, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the interest of traveling Indonesians who still want to be safe while on vacation. They tend to prefer staycation. Therefore, we also need to adjust the products and services in our lodgings based on these trends.


Tips for providing Staycation

After knowing the effect of staycation on the tourism industry, of course we also need to know what things we need to do when offering staycation packages. Let’s see the following explanation!


1. Focus on experience

Even though it is a low-budget vacation, it does not mean that a staycation is not as attractive as other holidays. Hence, we need to focus on efforts to provide extraordinary experiences, for example, such as providing various TV channels or providing instagramable photo spots. That way, customers will also recommend our lodging to the people closest to them. Because basically, the word of mouth strategy is very effective, right?


2. Collaboration with other brands

Nowadays, it is no longer the time to compete with business actors. On the other hand, we need to look for opportunities to work together and grow together with other business actors. In the staycation program, we can also cooperate with other brands, for example, brands that provide food and beverage, so that we can increase our popularity among tourists.


3. Health protocol

What is also crucial when presenting a staycation service is to strictly implement health protocols. Starting from checking body temperature and providing health declaration forms, contactless payment transactions with Cashlez, to wrapping cutlery with plastic wrap, we must do it to ensure safety and hygiene at lodging. That way, tourists can do a staycation without worry.


Basically, we always have the choice to determine the development of our business, even in the midst of challenges. What is important, we can focus on looking for opportunities, not focus on the obstacles we face.

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