Who doesn’t like attractive promotions? Especially if the promotion provides free or discounted products for products that are highly sought after by customers. However, as a business owner you must understand that promotion is more than just offering a program that attracts customers.


So, what should businesses do to make promotions?


Basically, promotional campaigns aim to make your brand more recognizable, right? Therefore, you not only need to provide attractive offers, but also prepare the right strategy to win the hearts of customers. For this reason, it is necessary to deliver targeted promotions and channels to market these promotional campaigns.

And last but not least, you also need to assess whether the marketing strategy you have implemented has succeeded in achieving your goals or not. By doing this, you can evaluate what things need to be improved and what things you can do well.

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Tips for implementing promotions towards the end of the year


It’s no secret that one of the tips to run promotions effectively is to adjust to the right timing, for example like today, where people are getting ready to welcome the new year. If you are also one of the business actors who want to hold a promo towards the end of this year, be sure to follow these 7 tips!


1. Understand the various promotional strategies


Sometimes, you feel confused to determine what promotional ideas you will hold towards the end of this year. But actually, there are various inspirations for holding promotions that you can apply, ranging from through offers in e-mail, holding events for customers, and placing advertisements to reach more customers.

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2. Improve your brand image


One of the things that can make customers feel confident to take the offer you provide is your brand image. For example, when you provide a variety of food and beverage products, you introduce your products as healthy products that are suitable for consumption by all groups. That way, customers will more easily understand the uniqueness of your business.


3. Determine what your goal is


Every campaign that you do, of course, must have a goal so that you and your team can prepare, what strategies are suitable and make it easier for you to achieve the goals of the campaign. Now, when you want to set goals, make sure they are specific, measurable, realistic, and you can adjust them to a certain period of time.


4. Choose the promotional material you want to convey


Promotional material refers to anything that you can use to reach customers. Through these materials, you can convince customers to buy the products you sell. The selection of promotional materials will of course depend on several things, such as the type of product you will offer, your target customers, and the communication channels you use.


5. Develop your promotional message


Basically, the success of the year-end campaign really depends on how you communicate with potential customers. So, make sure you use words that will grab their attention, such as “Limited Offer,” “December Special,” or “Unlimited Discount.”


6. Give appreciation to customers


Because it is nearing the end of the year, you can also maximize promotions through the communication you make with customers, for example through e-mail marketing. In the e-mail, convey your gratitude for their support, then give an offer as a form of your appreciation.


7. Find out how you measure campaign results


Measuring the results of the promotions that you do is very helpful for you to know, which type of channel or medium is the most effective for promoting and attracting the most customers. In addition, you can also measure the success of a year-end campaign through customer surveys by asking how they think about the promotions you offer.


Towards the end of the year, not a few people are looking for various needs, ranging from food, clothing, and various gifts to give to loved ones. So, this time can be an important moment for you to maximize sales. Together with Cashlez App, make selling easier through various cashless payment options and sales report features!

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