Who doesn’t have dreams? Since our childhood, we had often been asked about what did we want to be. Then, the common answers were some professions such as policeman, doctor, or pilot. However, as we grew up, some things even didn’t work as we planned. So we start to wonder if failures lead us to unlucky lives.


For our human version of Cassie, Esa Elissa, her journey isn’t determined only by one occasion that can either make her feel up or down. Life is about the path we choose to take, so every decision will give various opportunities to enhance ourself. Even if we haven’t reached what we are looking for, there will always be solutions to achieve what we deserve.


Esa, who actually has experience in the finance department for about 8 years, changed her direction when she applied to Cashlez in August 2018. Until present, she serves a position in the Business Intelligence Unit Department, precisely as Sales Support Manager. She didn’t opt for it randomly, but rather chose it because of her interest in the financial payment gateway company.


The opportunity she took in Cashlez has taught her a lot since she has to coordinate with all departments. It may sound like a pressure, but surprisingly, it enables her to find her new passions. “I love working with data. I am always willing to utilize my skills in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data,“ said Esa.


The difference between her background and career decision doesn’t mean inconsistency. As individuals, we indeed dream of many things, but to realize our goals, some things shouldn’t be changed. In Esa’s opinion, it is important to maintain our attitude and respond because both prove that we are persons that others can trust.


One other thing which also must be maintained is our consistency to make our dreams come true. Facing failures is not an easy thing to overcome, precisely for Esa who should “postpone” her other dream outside the worklife, but as long as you believe, you will make it happen.

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