In managing a business or doing daily work, have you ever felt tired quickly? Or maybe, you feel tired because you have to do a job that takes a long time? Besides, do the complaints you face also make you make mistakes? If so, it means that the activities you do daily are not in accordance with ergonomic principles. So, what is meant by ergonomic principles and what are their benefits for us? Come on, see the following explanation!


What is meant by ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a principle related to humans and their work or daily activities. As we know, humans certainly have strengths and limitations so that to maximize their potential, humans can take advantage of products that support their daily lives. This will make the work he does more effective, safer, and more comfortable.


Why do you need to apply ergonomics principles?

Did you know that doing daily work or activities ineffectively can worsen our health? Through the application of ergonomic principles, we can improve our health, both mentally and physically. Someone who applies ergonomics principles will also feel lighter burden and be more satisfied with their work. In addition, ergonomics principles will also support our performance. Here are some of the benefits of ergonomics principles.


1. Increase productivity

When you can apply ergonomics principles well, you will automatically be more productive. You can do the work that you have to do effectively without wasting too much energy. So, you can have time to do other activities.


2. Encourage teamwork

When managing a business, you will likely involve several staff who you trust and have expertise in certain fields. Well, this ergonomic principle also needs to be applied to all your team members to ensure they can complete their work safely and comfortably. In addition, the application of this principle will also support good teamwork.


3. Prioritizing welfare

Business actors who apply ergonomic principles show that they understand very well the importance of human resources. Therefore, he will prioritize the welfare of his team members so that they can optimize their inner potential. That way, the business that is being run will also develop well.


4. Reducing costs

In addition to prioritizing security and safety for each individual, ergonomics principles also aim to reduce the use of costs. For example, when receiving payments, business actors can use the Cashlez App, which functions as a cashier and simultaneously receives non-cash transactions.

How do you apply ergonomics principles?

Now, after knowing the benefits of applying ergonomic principles, of course you also need to know, like how to apply this principle in a business place. Basically, to apply this principle, there are several considerations that you need to do, such as:

- Will the things that be implemented will support your business to increase sales?

- Are you able to make time, effort, and cost efficiency?

- Did you make the right decision?

In general, something that is in accordance with the principles of ergonomics must be flexible, safe, comfortable, strong, and useful for humans.


Through the application of ergonomic principles in your business premises, you can not only optimize your business, but also support the performance of team members so that they can work optimally and prosperously. So, let’s start planning the application of these principles in your business!

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