Compared to the past, today’s customers tend to be more active in finding out about the goods and services they will buy. Therefore, you as a business actor also need to make it easier for them to find their exact needs. In the era of digitization like now, one solution that you can use is self service. Through this system, your customers can find out about the product as well as buy it yourself, without you serving. So, if you don’t plan on implementing self service, get ready to lose the following 4 opportunities, yes!

  1. Make it easy for customers to shop

Have you ever heard about parables about fish and hooks? If you give a fish to someone, he will ask for it every day. Meanwhile, if given a hook, then he will learn to fish himself. This is the same as self service that gives your customers the ease of finding what they need. They can shop more practically without relying on you, especially when your business is busy.

  1. A customer community appears

If you provide a self service portal, your customers can also interact with each other to discuss about the products and services that you provide. Not only that, this portal will also be a platform to build their trust in you as a business actor. Therefore, you can also load various information about your tips, products, and events that you follow on the portal.

  1. Can refer business quickly

Every time customers use the self service system that you provide, then they can feel for themselves, what kind of convenience of transactions without the need to queue at the cashier. Therefore, they can refer your efforts to the people around them. So, before you install a self service system, make sure the system is user friendly so it is easy for anyone to use.

  1. Become closer to customers

Although self-service makes Mutut not serve customers directly, this system can actually make you more familiar with customers. This is because you can find out what products they ordered so that you can make references to provide promotions on certain occasions. While through the self service portal, you can do an evaluation based on the questions most frequently asked by customers.

Self service becomes an innovation that can make your business grow rapidly. So, still sure you don’t use self service in your business?

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