Transaction Guide
How to void a transaction?
For unsettled transactions, merchant can do void by:
  • Mobile app : Transaction history - choose the transaction that wanted to be voided - void transaction - enter your password.
  • Cashlez Report: click the transaction menu - choose the transaction that is going to be voided - choose void - enter user id and password - confirm.
  • For the transaction that have been settled, merchant can contact [email protected] providing merchant name, date of transaction, amount of transaction, and the reason why would you want to void this transaction, in a chronological way.
Is there any transaction limitation?
Yes, there is a limit of transaction for every merchant
What happen when a merchant reaches the transaction limit?
  • Transaction will no longer doable.
  • Merchant can request a transaction limit upgrade by contacting [email protected]
How long does it take until funds are received by Merchants?
  • Funds will be received a maximum of H+3 working days or no later than when it has been transferred from the partner to Cashlez.

  • Transfer of funds and/or clearing of funds for transactions that have been settled after deducting fees for transactions that are the responsibility of the Merchant, the following conditions apply:

    - Bank Mandiri, Bank UOB, and Bank OCBC destination account: free of charge

    - Non-Mandiri, OUB, and OCBC Bank destination account: IDR 2900,- (two thousand and nine hundred rupiah) per settlement per Merchant