Cashlez Reader Printer

IDR 2.500.000
0.7 Kg

Product Description

Cashlez Reader Printer

Cashlez Reader is an Electronic Payment Machine is a machine that functions for electronic transactions compared to cash or cash. Include the printer on the device to print transaction bills.

Requirements of Cashlez Reader Purchase:

- Register Your business by completing full registration in Cashlez App (Available in Play Store or App Store) or contact WA Support Cashlez (+62) 811-189-055 to get the form registration. 
- When completing the documents, please attach your KTP, NPWP, and merchant's signature
- Especially for Business Entities in the form of PT / CV, please complete with; KTP & NPWP according to Deed, Company NPWP, Company Deed, SIUP, TDP, Business Location Photos, Product / Service Photos. Please send to [email protected]
- Bank Checking verification process takes 3 - 10 working days after the documents are received and validated by Cashlez
- After passing the verification, the merchant will get information in the form of a username and password and a tutorial on using Cashlez via the registered email
- Merchants can directly use CashlezONE or Cashlez Reader

Operational services during weekdays: 

Monday - Friday (except national holidays) at 08.30 WIB - 17.30 WIB

Please send all of your documents to [email protected]

Regarding the current situation and conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the operational team created a schedule for sending readers to traders during the Covid-19 pandemic as follows:

1. The delivery schedule is carried out every Monday and Thursday.
2. The maximum cut off time for delivery confirmation received by Cashlez Team is on Thursday at 11.00 WIB.
3. Confirmation of sending out time off will be made on the next shipping day.
4. Shipments within Jakarta will be done by using GoSend (if the shipping is still permitted).
5. Shipments from Jakarta to other cities must previously be checked to the delivery of the courier (such as JNE, JNT, Sicepat, TIKI, etc. whether they are still be able to operate or not) and the destination city (whether in locking status or not).
6. Shipping to other cities outside Jakarta on conditions that it is not possible to send a courier (closed condition) and / or delivery to the city destination (locked condition), so the ops will ask to cancel the shipping to avoid being disturbed by shipping couriers in the warehouse.