Transaction Guide
What cards do Cashlez accept?
  • We accept any cards with GPN, visa, mastercard, and JCB logo on it
  • Our reporting system also includes cash transaction
How to void a transaction?
For unsettled transactions, merchant can do void by:
  • Mobile app : Transaction history - choose the transaction that wanted to be voided - void transaction - enter your password.
  • Cashlez Report: click the transaction menu - choose the transaction that is going to be voided - choose void - enter user id and password - confirm.
  • For the transaction that have been settled, merchant can contact providing merchant name, date of transaction, amount of transaction, and the reason why would you want to void this transaction, in a chronological way.
Is there any transaction limitation?
Yes, there is a limit of transaction for every merchant
What happen when a merchant reaches the transaction limit?
  • Transaction will no longer doable.
  • Merchant can request a transaction limit upgrade by contacting
How long does it takes until funds are received by Merchants?
  • Funds will be processed in 1 working day and will take no longer than 3 working days until it arrives in your account for Bank Mandiri and 4 working days for non Bank Mandiri account.
  • Deposit to Bank mandiri account will be free of charge. For non Bank Mandiri account, a transfer fee of Rp 3.500 will be deducted from your deposited amount.