Fast & Easy
Accept your payment in easy and secure way.
How to Join?
Step 1. Look for ‘cashlez’ in app store or playstore
Step 2. Open the downloaded cashlez app
Step 3. Tap sign up / register on the login screen
Step 4. Follow the instruction to register Cashlez
How to use Cashlez?
Step 1. Login to cashlez app
Step 2. Enter the desired amount on the Cashlez pay or desired product in POS mode
Step 3 : Tap checkout

- Cash Payment:
  • Tap Cash
  • Tap the amount given by customer or manually type the amount if it is not displayed.
  • You can send or print your receipt
How to Accept Card Payment?
Step 1. Turn on your Cashlez Reader
Turn on the device by pressing power button.
Step 2. Connect your Cashlez Reader
Go to Settings and tap Card Reader
Step 3. Choose your Cashlez Reader serial number and tap connect
Step 4. Your reader serial number will be displayed in Setting.
Cashlez Reader is ready to use